Clay Circuit / Superior Court


In the Matter of Administrative
Rule 17 Emergency Relief for
Indiana Trial Courts, specifically
Clay Circuit and Clay Superior Court,
related to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus


The Clay Circuit Court & The Clay Superior Court will remain in operation on a limited basis pursuant to Order of the Indiana Supreme Court dated March 19, 2020. Effective immediately all criminal and civil jury trials will be suspended through May 4, 202. The Courts have discretion to determine matters that are “essential” to be heard and to determine those matters that are deemed “non-essential”. All non-essential matters will be continued until after April 24, 2020. During any period of time that the Courthouse itself is closed, all doors will be closed and access will be at the east door with admittance by Courthouse security. During the period of time the Courthouse closes and thereafter, the Judges will be limiting persons admitted to the Courthouse and to the court rooms to litigants, attorneys, and witnesses. Spectators and the general public will not be allowed admittance or in to the court room to honor mandated social distancing. Security is authorized to exclude anyone experiencing symptoms of fever, cough, or shortness of breath, or any person who has been in contact with positive or being evaluated for COVID-19 or who has recently visited areas subject to quarantine as a result of COVID-19.


            Any litigant who has concerns as to whether or not their case is being continued or will remain as set, may contact their attorney, or contact the Clay Circuit Court at (812)448-9036, or the Clay Superior Court at (812)448-9031.