E-911 Office

Missy Gambill,
E-911 Coordinator
Clay County Justice Center
611 E. Jackson St.

When To Call 911

Calling 911 in an emergency can save your life or the life of a loved one.

However, 911 systems can at times be abused and overloaded. There are many instances where 9-1-1 was dialed simply to ask for information or to report a nuisance.

Remember, dialing 9-1-1 is for an emergency and is serious. Calling 911 unnecessarily can endanger someone else's life or property when they really do need help. Never call 911 as a prank or joke.  This is not only against the law, it could keep an emergency line tied up for someone who really needs it.

For non-emergencies in Clay County please call our regular Sheriff’s Dept number at 446-2535.

When to Call 911

To get help for someone who is seriously injured or needs immediate medical attention

If you see a crime in progress or about to occur

To report a fire

When you feel you are in danger

When someone else is in danger, or their property is in danger

To report a drunk driver

To report a major accident

When NOT to Call 911

To report a crime that is no longer in progress and does not require an immediate response

To report missing property

To report a loud party

To report minor auto accidents and disabled vehicles

To report telephone, cable, or power outages

To inquire about weather, road conditions