Auditor's Office


The 2023 Annual Financial Report for Clay County is now available to the public online or by picking up a printed copy at the Clay County Auditor’s Office located in the Clay County Courthouse. Persons interested in viewing the report may go to: . Once there just click on the “Search for Reports” icon and you will be able to look at the AFR along with various other reports.

Cash and Investment Statement 2023



I. Secretarial

  • County Commissioners
  • County Council
  • County Drainage Board
  • Data Board
  • Keeps all Official Records (i.e. Contracts, letters of credit, bonds, minutes, bids, correspondence, both council and commissioners)
  • Reassessment Notices and Schedules
  • News Services
  • Prepares/ Distributes Agendas

II. Financial

  • Budget Preparation for Council
  • Drain Records for Payment/Adjustments
  • Tax Sale Appeals
  • Initial Determination of Tax Rates for County Unit
  • Preparation of CAFR
  • Bond Bank Applications Borrowing
  • Additional Appropriations
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Administers All Funds and Grants
  • Audit Claims
  • Bond Payments
  • Sells Aerial Plat Books
  • Fixed Assets
  • Insurance Ledger
  • Payroll
  • Employee Benefits
  • Personnel Files
  • Employee Service Record
  • Transfer Fee
  • Highway Checks
  • Jury Checks
  • Election Checks
  • Welfare Checks

III. Tax

  • T.I.F.
  • C.O.I.T. or C.A.G.I.T.
  • F.I.T.
  • Audits Treasurer's Books:
    Wheel Tax, Sur Tax, Excise Tax
  • Auto Rental & Aircraft Tax
  • Property Tax:
    Notification of Tax Board Hearings & Rate Tax Adjustment Board - Tax Rate Chart for Publication (proposed & certified)
  • Budget Transfers and Additionals
  • Tax Calculations
  • Tax Sale-Publication & Records of Sale, Deeds
  • Tax Abatement
  • Transmit Budget Orders and Tax Rates for all units of Government in County

IV. Property Records

  • Certification of Maps
  • Map Billing
  • Evaluation Certificate
  • Exemptions - Homestead, Mortgage, Veteran, Age, Disability
  • Appeals - Forms 130s, 134
  • Maintains Subdivisions, Street Names, Splits, or Combinations
  • Certify Signatures for Petitions
  • Maintains Aerial Plat Book
  • Urban Enterprise Zones
  • Certify Property Owners for Zoning and BZA's

V. Personnel/ Payroll

  • Employee Files
    • Service Record
    • Job Classification
    • Wage Scale
  • Payroll
    • Prepares
    • Advertises
    • W-2s
    • W-4s
    • 1099s
    • Taxes
    • Payment of Taxes to IRS, FICA Dept of Revenue
  • Employee Benefits
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • PERF
    • Cobra
    • Section 125 Cafeteria Plan
    • Overtime

VI. Abstract/Settlement

  • Distribution to Taxing Units
  • Abstract
  • Settlement Spread Sheet to State
  • Quietusing of All Receipts


Contact the Auditor's Office:

County Auditor, Patti Foxx
609 East National Avenue
Room 105
Brazil, Indiana 47834
Phone:     812-448-9001
Fax:    812-442-0425