Apply For a Marriage License

Applying For a Marriage License


  1. No Marriage license will be processed after 3:00 p.m.

  2. Marriage license cost is $29.00

  3. Please call 812-448-9024, for an appointment to apply for a marriage license

  4. It is best to start the application online at:

  5. If applying online, please call for an appointment to complete the marriage license process

  6. One of the applicants must be a resident of Clay County

  7. Both will need to be present and bring your driver’s license or State ID card

  8. If address is not correct on license you will need to bring a current utility bill, pay stub, bank statement, insurance bill or something of this nature

  9. If you have been divorced, and more than once you will need to know the date of last divorce

  10. If your spouse passed away, you will need to know the date of death

  11. The marriage license is good for 60 days

  12. You will receive your license the same day you apply

  13. Provisions can be made for couples who live out of state, but wish to be married in Clay County. Marriage license cost for out of state residence is $69.00