County Covid-19 Procedures

We were hoping the worst of the Covid Virus was behind us but, unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. With Clay County going Red, we need to focus our attention, once again, on safety precautions which we need to follow.


We need to re-focus on the need to wash our hands often and to use hand sanitizers when appropriate. We need to be aware of who we are meeting with in larger groups and to social distance when necessary. Wearing of face masks may be what some of us may wish to do inside of buildings and in larger groups.


As you know, we have installed non-touch soap dispensers and towel machines in all of our restrooms in all county buildings. In each building, we have placed hand sanitizers as well. In the Courthouse, they are located inside each outside entrance door and at the top of all of the stairways.


The custodial staff will once again be cleaning door knobs, water fountains, and other areas. In your department, you may want to sanitize the counter areas a few times each day or whenever a citizen leaves your area.


Masks, at this time, will be recommended. Signs will be placed on the outside doors stating that face masks are being recommended. You may or may not wish for your employees to wear face masks.


Being vaccinated has been well documented as the best way to slow down and hopefully to prevent Covid. We urge you and your employees to consider the vaccination if you/they have not already received the shot. We do not want to see restaurants, schools, businesses, and county facilities shut down or restricted as they were in the past. It is going to be very important for all of us to do our part to slow down and to eliminate the Virus.


Thank you for doing your part to slow down the spread of the Virus in Clay County!




Clay County Commissioners