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Below is a list of veterans that served in the Korean War from Clay county. Add: Cecil S Lunsford and James M Cassidy

There were 9 Clay County Men that gave their lives in Korea

Robert G. Archer, Donald E. Eldridge, Frank M. Griffin, Clarence Harris Jr., John W. James, Earl S. Mercer, James E. Mishler,

Thomas Neiswinger, Ray O. Riley

List by last name

Clay County Korean War Veterans

Anderson, Clifford J.
Atkinson, Wayne
Bemis, John R.
Bickel, Donald W.
Bledsoe, John P.
Bledsoe, Ronald L.
Bowman, Russell E.
Braden, Luther H.
Britton, Paul S.
Brown, John K.
Buchholz, Jerry R.
Burger, Charles L.
Bussing, John E.
Carrier, Charles C.
Cauldwell, Billy
Chambers, Lewis A.
Chane;y, Norman R.
Cole, Raymond
Coley, Kenneth W.
Cooper, Ralph H.
Cooprider, John E.
Craig, Herschel L.
Craig, Larry J.
Darding, Harry M.
Deener, Carlos E.
Douglas, T. H.
Duvall, William R Jr
Feier, John L.
Fiscus, George A.
Freeman, William J.
Gerber, Ted F.
Gilbert, Leslie W.
Giltz, Jimmie
Giltz, Kenneth Jr.
Goss, Thomas M.
Goss, William H.
Grantham, Jack H.
Griffin, Frank M.
Hall, Donald G.
Hapenny, Charles G.Jr. USAF
Hardwick, Donald W.
Haring, Michael L.
Harlan, Donald R.
Hayes, John C.
Headley, Bert W.
Herrick, Alfred
Hoke, Carl D.
Hull Walter W.
Hyde, Freeman Jr.
Johnson, Erwin G.
Johnson, Jerry L.
Jones, John H.
Keiser, Burl E.
Kerr, Richard W.
Kirchner, Jackie L.
Levitt, Marshall F.
Lowe, Jerry L.
Manion, Robian F.
Mattox, Charles V.
Mattox, Lee R.
Maurer, Leo J.
May , Olen E.
McCreery, Donald L.
McIndoo, Bill
McKee, Norman D.
McQueen, Delbert W.
Mercer, E. S.
Miller, Charles D.
Mitchell, William A.
Modesitt, Bill R.
Monroe, Michael
Moore, Charles N.
Moran, Charles E
Myers, Kyle H.
Norris, Harley E.
Palm, Stanley Jr.
Penman, William
Phelps, Jimmie N.
Price, Harry Jr.
Quilliam, William J.
Reagin, Kenneth W.
Reberger, John R.
Riddell, John H.
Rightsell, Don
Rogers, Dwayne A.
Rogers, Roy T.
Rowings, Benjamin O
Rowings, James R.
Royer, Leon L.
Russell, Gene G.
Sampson, William R.
Sanders, Robert L.
Schraedley, John
Smith, James E.
Snider, Arthur E.
Steeb, Leonard C.
Sullivan, Charles A.
Trout, George H.
Walden, Lester W.
Webster, Robert W.
Wells,Clifford L.
Winkler, David J.
Witty, James E.
Wright Claude
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