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The following is a list of veterans that served in the Spanish American War from Clay county.

List by last name

Clay County Spanish American War Veterans

Alexander, John T.
Birchfield, Nathan
Blackman, William *
Blumb, Erwine
Blunk, Samuel
Branham, John F. **
Brown, Hukey
Brown, Wilburn
Brush, Miles
Cameron, Henry C.
Carrithers, Alexander
Case, Squire L.
Chambers, Timothy
Chance, Randall
Cromwell, Thomas L.
Crouse, William
Crouse, Winston
Dalgarn, John
Deal, Benjamin
Deal, Joshua
Eckerd, Frederick
Evans, John B.
Ferguson, Isaac
Gilbert, Charles D.
Gilbert, Ebenezer
Gillespie, John F.
Golson, Sidney H.
Grimes, Thomas
Hall, Absalom
Hank, Adam Jr.
Harvey, Moses
Hensley, Thomas F.
Horn, Elisha
Hudson, Jacob
Hudson, John
Huffman, Adam
Huffman, Peter **
Jenkins, Thomas
Jones, David
Jones, John B.
Kendall, Abraham
Kendall, Elisha
Kendall, John
Kendall, William
Lapere, Paschal ***
Leonard, James
Long, John
Marshall, James
Melton, John M.
Moore, Joshua
Moss, Charles W.
Moss, Henry
Moss, Samuel
Myers, Nathan
Nation, Augustus **
O'Brien, Stephen P.
Oliver, James M.
Osborn, John
Patton, William Jr.
Phipps, Reason
Richardson, William
Rose, Allen T.
Rose. E. E.
Shields, William L.
Sparks, William H.
Sumpter, Lilleton L. **
Thompson, William L. **
Van Trees, Zech J.
Waddle, Frank
Wakefield, John **
Wakefield, Thomas
Walker, Daniel D.
Walker, Jesse
Walker, Richard Jr.
Walker, Warren W.
Walker, William W.
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