County Covid-19 Procedures

Announcement Concerning The Wearing Of Face Masks In Clay County


Effective on Tuesday, April 6th, Governor Holcomb has modified his executive order on face masks. The Governor has said that face masks will be required when in a state government building and facility, and at all Covid vaccination and testing sites. But on April 6th, face masks are no longer required but recommended in other buildings and in public facilities. Quoting the executive order from the Governor, “In all other public locations, all individuals within the State of Indiana are encouraged to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth where six feet of social distancing cannot be achieved and maintained between individuals not in the same household as wearing a face covering helps to prevent an infected person from spreading the disease and similarly helps prevent a healthy person from becoming infected when in close contact with a person with Covid-19.”

The Commissioners have directed that Clay County will follow his executive order and we will no longer require the wearing of face coverings in our county buildings. In following the Governor’s orders, the Commissioners are recommending the public to wear a face mask or shield when needed and appropriate for the protection of everyone.

The Commissioners also urge everyone to continue the use of hand sanitizers and to wash hands as frequently as possible to reduce and eliminate the spread of the Virus. We are also hopeful that more and more of our county citizens will receive their shots to help eliminate the dreaded Virus in Clay County.

Common sense needs to prevail as we continue the fight against the Virus. The Commissioners want to thank everyone for their work and efforts to reduce and eliminate this infectious disease in our County.

Commissioners Bryan Allender, Marty Heffner, and Paul Sinders